A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

The beginning of my time in New Orleans has been wonderful!!! From my housemates that I am getting along with, to Frenchman Street where we go to have a little fun, to City Park where it’s nice just to relax with friends, to my work which has been brilliant; I am enjoying what I am doing. I feel that New Orleans has welcomed me with open arms and I am falling in love with it. I have met great people, seen many amazing and powerful things, and had even better food.

One of the places that I am working this year is Lakeview Presbyterian Church. It is an amazing church that has welcomed me into their church family. My main job at Lakeview throughout my year there is as the mission coordinator of LAMP, Lakeview Agape Mission Project, which is a project where mission trip groups come stay at Lakeview and do a wide range of activities around the city. Right now I am in more of a recruitment phase as I get groups to sign up to come in the summer, but as my year gets farther along I will start hosting groups and working with them as they come into the city. I also help out with worship and do other mission-based projects with the church around the city and in the Baton Rouge area. For the last six weeks every Saturday Lakeview, and I with them, have gone around the Baton Rouge area and handed out food to the flood victims.  This is just one of the many projects that I am doing along with Lakeview.

The other placement that I am working at is Mid-City Ministries. It is a tutoring program that is run out of a local Church of Christ that tutors 1st to 4th graders on Monday and Tuesday and 5th to 7th on Wednesday. My average day is that I go to pick up the kids, about 20 on Monday and 13 on Wednesday, we walk back to the church and then go play on the playground that the church owns for about thirty minutes. After we tire them out, we take them inside to have snack and we work on their homework and play educational games till about 5:15 pm when their parents come and pick them up. On Wednesdays with the older kids we join the church for a dinner and bible study until about 8 pm. I am enjoying working here with the kids and I am happy and excited to be helping the kids learn and grow.

I am enjoying my time in New Orleans immensely, and I am excited for the rest of the year. I wish you all the best and go with God.

Peace be with you!